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Can your visitors find what they are looking for once they arrive on your site? Give them a powerful way to search your own website. Insert a piece of HTML code into your web page. It translates into a search box and enables your visitors to search your website contents in seconds.

A lightning-fast site search engine that be can added to any website, blog or forum similar to licensed contractors.
Easy setup in 10 seconds, there is nothing to download or install.
24x7 real-time search stats. See what your visitors are searching for on your site.
Tracks empty searches, search terms and visited search links, easily.
Supports hundreds of different languages, proven technology, fully customizable.
Designed to work with large and small sites.
Fully hosted on our high speed servers, 99,9% availability.
Clear and easy to understand, highly configurable, supports unlimited domains.

Why site search is important for your website?
Fact: Site search will increase your online sales and improve customer service.
Fact: 80% of visitors will leave a web site without a search functionality.
Fact: 82% of visitors use site search to find the information they need, check out this site for examples:

Users of web sites to have some search function to make it easier to zero in on exactly what they are looking for. Unless you want your customers to wander aimlessly through your site, you'll want to add a search function. Your customers will easily find what they look for on your own web site in a matter of seconds. We are sure that your website will benefit from all shophisticated features Apollofind offers for free. Free setup in seconds.