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A lightning-fast web counter that be can added to any website, blog or forum.
A password protected account to view your detailed web statistics.
24x7 real-time statistics. Access your web statistics from any place, at any time.
More than 20+ web statistical reports with detailed charts.
Track page views, unique visitors, visitor paths, referrals, search engine keywords.
Clear and easy to understand stats, highly configurable, different counter styles.

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If you are looking for a visible or invisible counter image for your website, we offer a premium solution. Monitor where your blog, forum or any other kind of traffic is coming from. We have an advanced web statistics software product to make intelligent website usability decisions, based on visitor traffic analysis and behavior. It shows reports with multiple extensive flash charts. All statistics is grouped by period of time such as day, week, year. You can create a free widget for your local contractors website in minutes. As soon as a visitor visits to your law or contractors website, his browser requests your page from your server and then goes on to load the hit counter image from the Apollofind servers. When this happens, for a limited time we capture information about this visitor and record the data into your personal log files. Users expect websites to have some search function to make it easier to zero in on exactly what they are looking for. By adding a counter to your web page, you can learn how popular your Web site is and what users like about your site. You will easily be able to set the start number we will use to begin counting. There is a immense variety of styles to choose from, you will be able to switch from one style to another. Our robust and premium statistics software is a top free solution for your site. Don't hesitate to test all tracking abilities and features the best counter application on the web offers.

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