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Beautify Your Property with Metallic Art

Most people think of metal items as being purely functional. Talk to any talented metalworker, however, and he'll tell you a different story. Welding, sheet metal fabrication, and laser cutting can be used together to create beautiful metal artworks for your yard. Best of all, you can create almost anything with the durable material. If you'd like to add something special to your property, here are a few ideas to get you started:

Stairways and Railings Railings are generally quite plain, but add decorative metal designs created with quality laser cutting, and you'll have a conversation piece. So long as you follow the safety requirements, you can have the railings cut from metal in various shapes including twisted bars, cylinders, and diamond shaped lengths. Don't stop with a simple railing design either. Install impact resistant clear, frosted, or stained glass panels between the rails to add that little something extra. You can also have decorative ornaments made with laser cutting to match. Special finishes and coatings can transform a standard metal railing into something spectacular. Spackle paints, faux antiquing, and solid colors are just a few of the options available. You can match the rest of your home, choose a coordinating color, or do something completely different to make the railings stand out. As an added benefit, these finishes will prevent the metal from rusting. Railing still need a little spicing up? Try additional adornments on the sides such as abstract shapes or something simple such as vines, flowers, or frogs. Other items you could add to the railing include metal plant hangers, trellises, awnings, candleholders, or light fixtures.

Arbors and Gazebos You don't have to restrict metal artworks to the railing. Try replacing a wood arbor or gazebo that will degrade with exposure to the elements. Metal fabricators can make similar structures, which appear delicate and pleasing to the eye while remaining highly durable and resilient. A beautiful arbor would look fantastic over a lonely walkway. Or, have an arbor made with a gate and install it right at the entrance to your property. If you have the arbor made with a finer pattern, you can grow grapes, ivy, hops, and other plants at the base. Local companies which offer these services may help you. If you like sitting outside, but find the bugs and sun get to be too much, have your local metalworker manufacture a one-of-a-kind gazebo. Start with a beautifully crafted metal structure that's the perfect size for you and your family. Then, make the structure a stately black, or colored to match the rest of your home and yard. From there, you can add some great outdoor fabric to help keep the sun out and netting to protect against the bugs. Finish off your new gazebo with custom-made outdoor furniture, and you have a backyard that will rival those in your favorite magazines.

Air Conditioner and Utility Box Covers Central air units and utility meters stick out regardless of how beautiful you've made the rest of your yard. If you talk to a metal specialist, however, he will design a decorative grill or cover to protect these delicate items. He will start by fashioning a piece of sheet metal into the right shape and use a laser cutter to make leaf patterns or other shapes in the surface. This gives the unit underneath some air and adds a decorative touch. So long as you make the cover detachable and remove it when you use the air conditioner, you won't have to suffer with the unsightly structures. If you'd like something a little more permanent for the utility meter, have the cover hinged so that you can easily open and close it. You can also have the metal expert use a wire frame covered in metallic mesh. This will ensure the unit underneath gets plenty of air while still preventing leaves, toys, and little fingers from getting inside. Metal fabrication can provide you with a number of decorative solutions for almost anywhere in your yard. You can decorate your property in any style your heart desires and still keep it low maintenance. In the end, you'll be amazed at how a little imagination and some metal can transform your property. For a detailed list of New York based local companies which offer these services visit our website.